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For over a hundred years our dedication to quality products has been the foundation of our strength and authenticity. We will always push the science of the fight into the future.

EverFlex - The flexibility to withstand force.

Uses a flexible collar system which allows the freestanding heavy bag to absorb substantial impact without base movement.

C4 Foam - More power & proection in every punch.

Contoured closed-cell (C4). C4’s added layer of high-density foam provides greater cushioning, support and force dispersion for superior protection during training.

PowerCore - Stabilize your workout.

Centralized weight placement for maximized force dispersion.

Protex2 - Revolutionary wrist protection.

Designed for maximum wrist protection, Protex2 features a two ring anatomical foam collar system to stabilize the wrist to provide comfort and protection no matte rhow hard you are hitting.

NevaTear - One opponent you can't beat

Layered matrix of synthetic leather and webbed vinyl engineered to outlast the heaviest hitters.

HydroStrike- Stay balanced

Hydraulically balanced products to ensure consistent density and performance.

EverGript - Don't drop the ball

Newly designed synthetich technologyfor superior grip durgin the hardest workouts.

EverGel - State of the art protection

EverGel™ technology provides state of the art cushioning and protection for hands, knuckles and wrists; it also dissipates impact energy.

EverFresh - Sweat without smelling like it

Antimicrobial treatment prevents offensive odors, keeping your products smelling fresh.

Compress-X - Strenght that goes the distance

Designed to keep you stronger and drier for longer, Compress-X firm fit lessens vibrations and reduces muscle fatigue by stimulating blood flow and curbing lactic acid build up.

C3 Foam - Power & Protection in every punch

The contoured closed-cell foam technology is designed with increased cushioning, support and force dispersion.

EverDri - Banish sweat from your body

The ultimate in moisture management, EverDri™ wicking optimizes your comfort and endurance levels.

EverCool - Stay cool under pressure

The ventilation systems and breathable fabrics that compose EverCool™ performance technology are the ultimate source of body temperature regulation.

Protex3 - The ultimate training glove

The exclusive Protex3 Wrist Stabilization System features an anatomical three-ring foam collar system that protects against wrist hyperflexion while stabilizing the wrist to provide the utmost in protection and comfort.